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영어, 컨텐츠

Welcome! We will be on a journey together this session to master English grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speech, test or whatever!! Who am I? I am an educator and a scenario writer from central Iowa staying at University of Iowa and NYU. Nevertheless, I am looking for chances to learn something new. The learning never ends! I have always enjoyed education - as a student and a teacher. Because of that, I temporarily came back to Korea to help you develop your English ability. You might wonder, was I ever worried about any of my online courses? The answer is "absolutely yes!" But I learned the best way to overcome my fears and anxieties was to dive-in and do the assignments and work the projects. Treat it as a challenge...remember that these assignments and homework are to help you grow. That said, you need to have the grit, determination, and perseverance (which will be pushed to the limits at time). Dig deep.

Your education requires a lot of commitment and sacrifice - yes, this means making time for it in your life by putting course work ahead of other things you'd rather be doing. I can tell you from personal experience, that after over 10 years of education as a student in higher education, you will miss things in life. But, if you put studying first now, you will enjoy more benefits later. Education opens doors. You are responsible for the amount of effort you put into this course. What you are willing to put in? That determines what you will get out and the grade you will earn. (I don't give grades, but I'll let you earn them!)

So, who are you? Are you ready to conquer English?


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