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Rowena D. L.


My specialty is about oral communication skills such as daily conversations and free talking practice. I love talking to people with different backgrounds and adjust the lessons according to the student’s levels and needs.

I have a wide experience in terms of teaching English from basic level to conversational level. I enjoy teaching about different topics from food, entertainment, travels and so on. I enjoy teaching because it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and know the culture of others.

I do believe that building a strong connection with students is a key to keep the lesson interesting to them. I give students the chance to speak up so they will develop their confidence in speaking without being nervous. I try to correct them immediately if they make some mistakes and make sure they are not intimidated. I make sure to let them repeat the corrections for I do believe in the saying, “ Practice makes perfect.” You can become a user of English rather than just a learner.

Even though you have already master the grammar rules and enhance your vocabulary, learning English needs someone to practice with. That is why it is very important to talk. It is my goal to help students to speak the language with confidence and be proud of themselves that they are able to overcome the obstacles they have encountered while learning.

It is my dedication and passion for teaching that made me keep doing my job. It is also my dream for the new and future generations to become fluent speakers of English. See you in class!


Rowena D. L.
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